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bestwishestoall replied to your post: WE HAVE NETFLIX IN GERMANY NOW FUCK

…. you didn’t have Netflix before? wow. I can’t even imagine.

nope. it was literally opened this morning, i just got the email



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it's "this appeared as a moral dilemma"


I’ve been literally singing this song wrong since it came out…

that… actually makes so much more sense… 


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You know when a fast angry song comes on that you know every word to and you’re in just the right mood that your eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive


1. England - Part 2 Arriving in London

God, I was a naive idiot. I thought American English was superior to British English, I didn’t even know there was something else than Received Pronunciation, I knew the Queen, the Beatles and I knew that I liked London. Despite ever having been to London, despite having zero interest in the culture or history or politics. I basically knew people spoke English, London was a (yes, I’m going to use this massively over used word) melting pot of cultures and nations and I knew that I liked London, at least the mystical fairytale that it was in my head. 

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1. England Part 1 - SPN con in Birmingham

In hindsight, it’s quite funny that the first time I went to England, was May 2008 for a Supernatural convention. And it wasn’t even London, no, my England cherry was popped in (by?) Birmingham. I was going to spend about 4 days with people I only knew over the internet. That wasn’t something new for me. Most of my best friends I had met over the internet. At that point it was sort of a generation change because I had lost - grown apart, really - most of my old friends. Lord of the Rings friends, X-Men friends, Alias friends, Roswell friends. Friends that I acquired through the years from the different fandoms. Many friends whom I had met in real life several times and always spent the holidays with. 

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Warner Bros needs a new graphic designer. The photoshopping of faces in the Hobbit promo stuff is getting out of hand. 

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