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I finally watched the Imitation Game trailer. 

Holy fuck it looks amazing. 

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Enjoying the sun with my sister.

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Hello Schleswig-Holstein.

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Isn’t this a lovely pic! found it on a Hungarian site (x) & it’s a total unseen for me. Don’t they look lush together. (It didn’t show up anywhere else on google images)

BBC Sherlock Season three - John Watson & Mary Morstan Promo Image -

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I just wanted to send some love to this anon! I know what it is like to not be able to get through the day without crying and having serious trouble with friends and family! Please remember that you are not alone and you can always talk to me if you want to. I always try to help you as much as possible. Lots of love! You'll get through this crap! Xxx

It doesn’t fit exactly to the message they sent but it’s sort of does. I’m publishing in case anon sees and would like to talk to you. 

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there is currently one pretty serious message in my inbox (anon who can’t make it through the day without crying, friends and family are progressing etc) and dear anon, please don’t think i’ve been ignoring you, i was in a car all day, going back home. i will answer to your message tomorrow because as of this moment i haven’t slept for about 36 h and I cannot form proper thoughts and i don’t want to give you a rushed/half delirious message. <3 i’m sending lots of love and will take my time of you tomorrow. 

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What the what now.

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notthefirstsherlockian replied to your post: you know, i did pack my swimsuit do yo…

Have you email confirmation of buying the tickets? I know that worked for a girl I know at concert, it might work for you?

i’m not risking that. before we go to london (or in this case me to paris) i’ll go make an emergency trip half through the entire country to get my tickets and oyster card. 

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